Races will remain mechanically the same as noted in the Player's Handbook. What follows will be changes to the "flavor" of the races. This will have an affect on how certain races are treated in the world. So it's important for role playing but not necessarily for combat.


  • More or less the same as basic DnD
  • Hill Dwarves tend to be a bit taller and more like just regular folks, they live above ground, have normal roles in a town or city and tend to be more agreeable, they can still fight and drink like nobodies business.
  • Shield Dwarves are like Lord of the Rings Dwarves, xenophobic a-holes who live underground and love to drink and fight.


  • Elvz are the not the same as Elfs
  • Elfs are super rare and are mor akin to LotR Elves and Eladrin from DnD, basicall super old, take shit real seriously and in this universe they are pretty freakin powerful.
  • An Elv is the offspring of 2 Elfs or 2 Elvz, sorry this is confusing but I'm going with it.
  • Once they reach true maturity at around 500 years they form a cocoon and hibernate for 100 years until they emerge as a beautiful and powerful Elf
  • Elvz are more immature and impulsive. 
  • They are about 5 feet tall and have big old pointy ears, tend to be more graceful than other races.
  • High Elvz are basically magic nerds, more responsible and basically squares. They can't wait to turn into Elfs.
  • Wood Elvz are a bunch of no good punks, always shooting things with their bows and carving "ELvz Rul" into trees. 

Midgets (Halflings)

  • Halflings don't exist in this universe but midgets are mechanically identical.
  • They come in 2 varieties: Lazy midgets, and Sneak Thief midgets.


  • ​​​​​​​This is the race most effected by the mutations of The Big Kerfuffle.
  • Size, shape, skin color, and can be nearly anything due to these mutations but stat ranges remain the same as in PH
  • If you want to be 7 feet and blue with a forked tongue that's cool.


  • ​​​​​​​Claim to be the offspring of ancient dragons but no one is really buying it. Dragonborn get really defensive about it.
  • Most people refer to them as "those lizard people"
  • Tribal people, tend to live in the southern deserts and the Island of Dravaria


  • Odd little people who appeared on Lysteria after the BBK
  • They tend to take on the appearance of their surroundings
  • A Gnome from the forest might have brown skin and green hair where a Gnome from the Coast might have sandy skin and white hair.
  • Rural Gnomes should use the forest subrace and City Gnomes should use the rock subrace


  • Since Elf gestation takes 43 months and the Elfs don't trust the Elvs they created the Half-Elfs by mating with Hoomans
  • Half-Elfs can come from an Elf and a Hooman or 2 Half-Elfs mating
  • Half-Elfs think they're all that and look down on all other races besides Elfs
  • Originally the soldiers and servants of the Elfs Half-Elfs population has grown beyond Elfen cities and enclaves and they can be found across Lysteria


  • ​​​​​​​Originally the offspring of Hoomans and Orgs Half-Orgs are an established race that almost exclusively mate amongst themselves
  • Primarily live in the South of Lysteria in small mobile villages called Wagon Parks. Orgs hate lot fees.
  • Pretty much exclusively backwater hillbillies. 
  • Yellow skin, green eyes and tusks 
  • Often Feared


  • ​​​​​​​Pretty much the same as stock DnD
  • Race started by a city mating with a bunch of Devils and Demons cause they were way into death and stuff.





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